You are invited to Kenya!  Karibu!

So ready your cameras to capture the wisdom in the elephant’s stride, the excitement in a lion hunt, the breathtaking speed in the cheater’s pursuit of its prey, the giraffe’s elegant grace and much more.  Send us an email, fax, or better still give us a call and your enquiry will be promptly addressed.



Daybreak in the African wild ushers in a world quite apart from what many of us would call the norm. An Amphitheater where the show does not end and for which there is not a script. The lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, buffalo, gazelle, wildebeests, zebra, baboon, ostrich, jackal, cheetah, hippo...the list is endless and they all have a unique part to play in the African wilderness.



The people and their cultures, its flora and fauna constitute the poetry to be found only in Africa. Where night is not just the absence of daylight but a whole new world to be explored. Let your eyes wonder through the naked sky, look out for the shooting star that brings with it a message of good tidings. Unplug your ears, free your mind of all clutter, this is when the nightingale sings, the hyena cries, even laughs at its many fortunes and misfortunes in the African wild. The Lion’s roar at a distance is sobering sometimes spine chilling; the stealth of the leopard leaves a lot to your imaginations. Even the cricket and its many cousins join in to sing you to sleep. The African night symphony!














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